Kansai Thru Pass - 2 or 3 days

Kansai Thru Pass - 2 or 3 days

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Unlimited travel in the Kansai region for 2 or 3 days
Covers numerous destinations (both touristy and off the beaten track)
The comfort and the pass's ease of use
The range of transport networks included

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2 days , 3 days

* All details will be sent to you upon reservation.


Take full advantage of the Kansai Thru Pass and explore this region with its nooks and crannies at your own pace and in comfort!

The Kansai Thru Pass provides access to numerous underground, train and bus networks in the Kansai region for 2 or 3 days (consecutive or non-consecutive) during the pass's validity period.

Use the pass from Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, or Nara, to reach popular regional destinations such as Mount Hiei, Himeji, Wakayama or Koyasan, as well as areas that are off the beaten track. It also allows you to get to Kansai, Itami and Kobe airports by train.

The pass includes unlimited access to 21 transport lines crossing the whole of Kansai (municipal subways and regional trains) as well as numerous bus lines.

The Kansai Thru Pass will make your trip so much easier, as you won't waste precious time queuing to buy tickets at stations or when you change to another transport network. The pass allows quick and easy connections between the various partner networks. 

As well as this unlimited access to transport, the Kansai Thru Pass gives you discounts at 260 partner establishments in the region.

Good to know

  • Availability: every day (except under exceptional circumstances)
  • Location: Kansai region
  • Availability: 2 or 3 days
  • To book this pass you must belong to one of the following categories:
    - Foreign tourist visiting Japan on a short-term "temporary visitor" visa

    - Japanese citizens residing abroad with permanent foreign residency status - proof must be presented when redeeming the voucher
  • The Kansai Thru Pass does not cover JR (Japan Railways) train lines
  • Some buses are not covered by the pass, including airport buses and long-distance/night buses. Please consult the network map for more information
  • You'll be asked to select a provisional date when you book. However, the voucher can be exchanged for the pass until dd/mm/yyyy
  • Once exchanged, the pass can be used until dd/mm/yyyy. You can choose which days you use the pass, whether consecutively or not, during its validity period
  • You'll need to buy additional tickets if you plan to take certain express trains
  • A QR code will be provided on your exchange voucher: go to one of these stations and present the QR code at the ticket office to exchange it for a paper ticket. Only the paper ticket provided by the station can be used to board a train. You'll also need to present your passport when you exchange your voucher and collect your ticket

Price includes

  • Unlimited access to 21 rail lines and municipal buses
  • Preferential rates at Kansai Thru Pass partner venues

Price doesn’t include

  • Any access to transport networks not included in the pass
  • Supplimentary fares for express trains
  • Any other extras



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